Volvo Protection Plans

Volvo Increased Protection Plans

Invest in your safety and well-being. With more convenience and value, we have a range of plans to best suit your needs.

Choose a plan that fits your lifestyle:

Prepaid Maintenance man inspecting car
Prepaid Maintenance
Lock in current rates on Volvo genuine maintenance for up to 10 years and 100,000 miles on your new or Certified by Volvo vehicle.
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Wear Maintenance 2 men looking at a volvo inside of a shop
Wear Maintenance
If you own or lease your Volvo, enhance your routine maintenance by adding coverage for wipers, brakes, rotors, and other everyday wear items.
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Extended Vehicle Service Contracts two women talking at a service desk
Extended Vehicle Service Contracts
From in-vehicle technology to mechanical components, to hybrid batteries, your Volvo will be covered for up to 11 years or 150,000 miles.
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Excess Wear & Use Lease-End Protection man walking toward a Volvo as a woman gets out of the vehicle
Excess Wear & Use Lease-End Protection
Help avoid unexpected expenses of repairs on your vehicle when you turn in your lease.
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Certified by Volvo Service Contract Contracts man and woman talking at a certified service desk
Certified by Volvo Service Contract
Extend your Certified by Volvo coverage up to 10 years with unlimited miles for worry-free journeys.
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Volvo Protection Plan technician removing a wheel from a volvo
Volvo Protection Plan
We offer varied levels of protection that cover everyday risks such as tires, dents, dings, and windshield replacement on either owned or leased vehicles.
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Volvo Care Select three women talking as one hands the other car keys
Volvo Care Select
Designed for leasing and short-term ownership, this plan provides coverage for your wear items, wheel alignments, and more.
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Appearance Protection man cleaning the outside of a volvo
Appearance Protection
Keep your Volvo looking its best and avoid the headaches and costs of repairing cosmetic damage.
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Total Loss Protection a woman giving keys to another woman
Total Loss Protection
Provides coverage that helps make recouping the value of a totaled Volvo as easy as possible.
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Classic Oil Service Plan technician performing and oil change
Classic Oil Service Plan
Part of vehicle ownership is keeping up with routine maintenance. This plan helps your Volvo perform at its best with routine care you can count on.
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We offer a wide range of protection plans designed to give you added peace of mind. Select from six plans to get the most out of your Volvo experience.