Are Volvo Parts Expensive?

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Since Volvo produces luxury cars, you may have the notion that servicing your vehicle will require a burdensome investment. How expensive are Volvo parts? Are Volvo parts expensive compared to other luxury brands? While it's true that car repairs and maintenance must be accounted for when budgeting, Volvo OEM parts and expert repairs are well worth the cost. In our Volvo research guide below, we'll cover the importance of working with genuine Volvo parts, the costs of Volvo parts and repairs, and more. Review our service and parts tips to get started!

How Expensive Are Volvo Parts? Repair & Maintenance Costs

According to the experts at Repair Pal, Volvo annual repair costs sit at $769. Are Volvo parts expensive when in relation to other high-end automakers? Not at all! Repair Pal reports that the average yearly cost to maintain a full-size luxury sedan is roughly $976, well above the cost of maintenance for a Volvo! 

AxleWise agrees, writing, "Volvo parts are considerably more cost-effective than other luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW." So it's safe to say that the experts feel that Volvo care is reasonable and more affordable than contemporary brands. 

Why Buy Volvo OEM Parts?

As you drive around Kalkaska, you might notice a plethora of generic auto part stores that sell replacement parts. While you could spend your time and money on these components, it's not advisable to do so. Generic automotive parts are poorly designed, rely on cheap materials, and don't offer a true fit for your model. While you may save a few bucks upfront buying aftermarket parts, their poor standards will likely lead to premature repairs and replacements. 

Genuine Volvo OEM parts, on the other hand, are built to perfectly match your existing vehicle. What's more, the quality is unmatched. This means the form, fit, and function of your vehicle will be restored when you select genuine parts. What's more, working with us and genuine parts entitles you to take advantage of the Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty. This warranty offers coverage for defects in material or workmanship for as long as you own your Volvo. 

Find Genuine Volvo Parts in Traverse City!

Now that you can answer questions like, "How expensive are Volvo parts?" you're equipped to take on Volvo ownership and care like a professional! When you work with our service center, you'll have the benefit of Volvo OEM parts, expert technician work, and strong warranty coverage. When you leave our service center, you can take on each drive from Garfield Township to Interlochen with both confidence and peace of mind. You can even order genuine Volvo parts with us online from the comfort of your own home! Our team is here to help at every step.